Year 9 - What you should have - Checklist!

You need to download and save into your folder all of the following...

By the end of this project you should have completed:

Make sure you use after school times to complete your game!

Kodu Lesson 1

LO1: Understand how to use the terrain tools and control character’s movement using Kodu Game Lab

Red - You will have created a simple world using Kodu
Amber - You will have added objects into your world
Green - You will have programmed some of the objects in your world



Launch Kodu from All Programs > ICT and Business > Kodu Game Lab

RED TASK: Create a world in Kodu

AMBER TASK: Adding Objects

GREEN TASK: Programming Objects

EXTENSION TASK: Adding Game-play


1. Create a folder in your Sites > ICT > Unit 2> called Kodu
2. Save and Export your game

Y9 Python Training!

LO to investigate and develop an understanding of a programming language using Python

In the following Computing lessons you will be developing your key skills in Python programming for your Computing GCSE

  1. Create a folder in your Sites folder called GCSE Computing and then make one inside that called Python Training
  2. From the Start menu select ALL PROGRAMS > ICT & BUSINESS > IDLE (Python GUI)
  3. For each new program created you have to start a new Python file by clicking File > New
  4. Save each program you make in your new Python Training folder
Complete the following tutorials in order...

  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New
  3. Create a program that will say "I am about to start lesson 2 of Python"
  4. Save and Run the program 

  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New
  3. Create a program that will say "What is your name?", allow you to enter your name and show you a suitable reply.
  4. Save and Run the program 
ONLY move onto Lesson 3 once Lesson 2 is complete....

  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New

  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New

  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New

LESSON 7 Example Controlled Assessment:
  1. Open the IDLE (GUI) from the Start menu
  2. Go to File > New

CiDA Checklist

Your game should include the following:

  • Menu Screen
  • Instructions Screen
  • Back story Screen
  • At least 3 levels (possibly 5)
  • Lose Screen
  • Win Screen
Your deadline for completing your game IN LESSON TIME is HALF TERM. After that it needs to be completed in your own time...

KS3 Skills Building - Adobe Photoshop

LO1 - Learn and practice appropriate Photo shop skills, in order to apply them to a "Montage"
Red - You will have created a montage
Amber - You will have used a varaiety of Photoshop tools
Green - You will expanded your montage to include even more images


Look at the example Montage - what skills will you need to learn?

Follow these steps:
Find a background image on google and right click, copy image
In Photoshop, choose File new and it will make the canvas the right size. Paste the background image in.
Choose another image - a person - animal / thing for example and repeat the process.
Using the Magnetic Lasso tool cut around your person / animal / thing (keep clicking to keep accurate)
(backspace key if you go wrong)
Cut your person out and paste him / her onto the background
Select another image - right click copy - file new, name and paste
Repeat the process with the magnetic lassoo tool - cut and paste - new layer - name your layers


RED TASK - Put a famous person on /against a famous landmark/ eating something really random - 
For example - Rihanna up the Eiffel Tower eating a bowl of snails

AMBER TASK - Try to use as many of these tools as you can - if you can't locate the 
appropriate tools in Photo Shop then google !

Drop Shadow
Outer Glow
Free Transform
Quick Selection

GREEN FOR GREEN - Complete the Photoshop Tools and Techniques Worksheet

Plenary - Moving On:
What's a Montage?
How do you feel after this lesson (3 adjectives)
What else would you like to learn in Photoshop?

KS3 Skills Building - Fireworks Animation

LO1 Develop animation skills using Adobe Fireworks

Outcomes: You will be able to create a simple animation


Main Task 1

CLICK HERE to open the bouncing ball tutorial
Try creating your own bouncing ball animation use Adobe Fireworks

Main Task 2

Try using what you have learnt to create an animation of your own. Try to create a story with a clear storyline (start, middle, end).

Receive feedback from a friend on how you could improve your animation. Make the improvements!


Be prepared to show your work

Y10 Web Exam Practise

  1. Open the ESCAPADES brief
  3. Manage Site to your new ESCAPADES project folder
  4. Click File > New Template to set up a new BLANK HTML template that looks appropriate
  5. Click on edge of template and set to 100% width
  6. Change some of the colours of your template
  7. Highlight all text in the white section of your template and click: Insert > Template Objects > Editable Region and click OK
  8. Save Template by clicking File > Save As Template and call it 'Template'. It should now be called template.dwt
  9. Create new pages by clicking File > New > Page from Template
    *If your template does not appear in the little window here, you have not done step 3 correctly - do it now!*
  10. Save your new HTML page by clicking File > Save As and saving it as an appropriate name (Home, Contact Us, etc...). This shouldnt Save in your templates folder
  11. Repeat step 9 and 10 as much as you need. These pages should all end .html

    Your template.dwt IS NOT your home page, do not put home page information on it, put this on your home.html page
  12. On your template, change the link names from 'Link One' to 'Home' and so on. Pressing Enter after 'Link Four' will create more space for more pages
  13. Highlight where you have written 'Home' and click the little folder icon at the bottom (next to Link), to link the text to your home page
  14. Repeat for all links

    When you 'Save' your template.dwt after making new .html pages, it SHOULD now ask you to 'update', which you should agree to

    After saving and updating your template, you will need to save each .html page too

Entry Level Certificate

What you need to do to complete the ELC:

  • Complete Scratch tasks
  • Complete annotation of screenshots
  • Complete what your game needs to do section
  • Complete Testing table
  • Complete Review
  • Complete Flowchart (follow example!)
  • Complete your name and details
  • Print your work and handing to me!
  • Complete and 'Hand in' your Trends in Computing googleslides

Scratch Programming Task - Entry Level Computing - Diamond Hunt

Job 1: Download this folder and unzip. Save to your Sites folder in a new folder called DIAMOND HUNT EVIDENCE - you should have 3 files

Scratch cards - These might help you

Diamond Hunt Evidence Template
Checklist - Use this to tick off when you have completed a task

Lesson 21 Resource 1 - Task Sheet
Lesson 21 Resource 2 - Diamond Hunt Game

Practice flowchart symbols
Flowchart symbols
Drag and Drop Activity Symbols
Drag and Drop Activity Alarm

Lesson 23 Resource 1 - Variable annotations
Lesson 24 Resource 1 - Repeat Until annotations
Lesson 25 Resource 1 - Practice Scratch Game - Broadcast